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Dallas Restaurant Mini Review: Cane Rosso White Rock

7/12 Update: this post was active last week on my Instagram, but for some reason only known to the universe and tech people at Insta, it wouldn't share with any of my accounts! Below is my original post in its entirety:

Brunch is one of those weirdly sacred first world problems I go back and forth with. I love brunch, sitting out on a patio, and pretending I don't have to go to work the next day with my friends. What I don't love is some of the crazy prices, bland dishes, and uppity vibes at a lot of the brunch toting places around town.

Cue the music for Cane Rosso in White Rock : They're bringing the jams trifecta of 1) $1 mimosas, $3 micheladas and $3 bloody marys, 2) a menu that is more imaginative than "avocado toast" for $12, annnnd 3) they have plenty of seating inside and outside, with or without shade (bring your sunblock, I learned that one the hard way).

It's too late for you to enjoy brunch specials today, but don't fret, because next Sunday Funday is right around the corner. Carafes at $6, people!! (Not an ad, I just love their food and I'm a cheap ass/sucker for deals).

Pro tip: If you get there later for brunch like I did, you may luck out and get the wonderful fried mozzarella "Mozzarella Frita". That's technically a no-no for brunch, but a go-for-it with their other dining times, but who knows, the universe could decide you need that extra cheese in your life. Also, ask for an extra side of red sauce - trust me, you'll need it.

Above all, DO NOT ASK FOR RANCH, YOU WILL GET SIDE EYE AND LAUGHED AT. I am sparing your feelings, and you have been warned.

Now for them sweet, sweet food photos:

Check that beautiful, cheesy's there waiting for you, right now!

Here's where a warning about my pro tip earlier comes in: If you do decide to sleep in or actually be productive with your Sunday morning and get to brunch later, you run the risk of getting the pulpy remains of the days mimosa stock.

I can take or leave pulp, so not a big deal for me, but I know some people out there that would freak the eff out at pulp floaters, so if it does give you the creepy crawlies (or you just straight up don't like it), head there earlier in the day and take part in all of the other great options they have on their brunch menu (and then 2 hours later when you're done with brunch, order some mozzarella frita to go and scarf it down in the car). Boom, crisis averted.

Meet the Gus, in all his sausagey-mushroom glory. Hands down one of the better tasting pies I've had.

Here's one last pro tip for you: Their pizza is not like your run-of-the-mill stiff cardboard pizza. You will not be able to pick it up and eat your slice with your hands. It's Neapolitan style, and I usually have to use a knife and fork (which goes against everything I've ever believed) because the middle is a little less firm (i.e. soggy, but not gross soggy). Buck up and try it out before you make any judgements. I was also hesitant my first time out, but after your first slice you get the hang of it and embrace the wonderful that is the pizza in front of you.

What are you waiting for - get out there and try some new pizza, hold the ranch, and feel free to bring your doggo to the patio (belly rubs are on the house)!

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