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Mr. Cheese O's Real Cheese Snacks Review

I love cheese; always have and probably always will, pending some disastrous, life altering cheese experience. The problem with this though, is that you can't really enjoy your favorite cheesy vices if you are trying to lose weight or dieting for health reasons (putting a bunch of cheese on a salad and trying to call it a cheese salad doesn't work, I tried).

Instead of cutting out cheesy goodness from your life, Sonoma Creamery found the answer to that question you probably haven't asked until this post: How do I still get my cheese fix while not cheating on my nutrition? Answer: Mr. Cheese O's : Crunchy Real Cheese Snacks!* These are actually made for adults (but also kid friendly) as an alternative to reaching for Janice the secretary's candy bowl for the 3rd time today.

*This post is in no way endorsed by Sonoma Creamery, I just happened to find out about Mr. Cheese O's from this blog post on Post Grad Problems and figured, eh, why not?

I was able to find Mr. Cheese O's at my local Sprouts, but they are also available for a variety of flavors, larger sizes, and bulk purchases on Amazon (so if you don't have Prime, like me, go bribe your friend with your everlasting friendship, also like me, until they let you get in on that discount of free shipping!)

Shot straight from the shelves at Sprouts

* This product is not a typical budget buy, but because there are so many ways to earn free Amazon gift cards (I personally use the Microsoft Bing reward points system) I will most likely start getting these off Amazon were they're basically free.

Mr. Cheese O's ready for their close up.

Zoom in of the back of the package.

Overall, I really liked these as an alternative to blindly shoving other cheese snack brands that will not be shamed into my face. They're conveniently portion controlled, have a great cheesy taste with a super sublet hint of garlic thrown in, and it also has 10g of protein with no sugar added (I am not going to pretend I know about the rest of the benefits on the back of the nutritional info, but if there are nutritionists out there recommending these are great alternatives, I say go for it. Another great idea instead of eating these as snacks are to use them as croutons on salads or to crush them up and use as breadcrumbs in soup.

**Again, I am in no way affiliated, sponsored by, or received anything complimentary for reviewing purposes by Sonoma Creamery, I was just curious and jumped in on trying it out and BIG SURPRISE, I liked it.

** I also politely forced my coworkers into trying these out and they also came to the same conclusion that the cheddar flavor is in fact, delicious.

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