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Sydney Hannah Designs Review

Co-workers open up a world of possibilities for introducing you to new things, ideas, products, etc. My co-workers in particular have taken me to my first Bar-Mitzvah, a skateboarding manufacturer (and falling butt first down a ramp), and in this particular instance, introduced me to their fathers love of jewelry making in the form of earrings.

Sydney Hannah Designs, run by Cookie Baumel, and his son Britt Baumel, is a small, yet thriving dangle earrings shop for those who like to get a little shine on in their daily outfit selection, while still being style conscious. Though they have a wide selection of dangle earrings, my favorites so far are their clover styles, and you don't have to worry about any of these being too heavy for sensitive earlobes*.

Here's another shot of the Gold and Blue Clover Dangle Earrings, but I love my little tea glass so I decided to throw it in there for a bit of Texas feels.

*Even in the above photos you can see my earlobes are a little red from pulling on my heavier earrings the day before, but these were a dream from being so lightweight!

Overall, I'm head over heels for these earrings, especially the white clover and gold dangle option I'm wearing in the photo spread (planning on grabbing myself a pair to look like I actually have my summer outfits together, for once). All of Sydney Hannah Design's earrings are $49.95 pre tax and shipping, are handcrafted, not available in stores, and can be found right here in Dallas and Austin (stay weird), so get out there and Support Local!

Sydney Hannah Designs Etsy can be found here!

Sydney Hannah Designs Facebook can be found here!

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