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Dallas Food Alert : Bowls & Tacos Deep Ellum

Tacos are life giving, and I could eat them every day of the week, maybe twice on Sundays if it came down to it. Because of my quest to try all of the tacos Dallas has to offer, I recently had the delicious opportunity to stuff my face at Deep Ellum's very own Bowls & Tacos. They only really do two things here: Poke Bowls and Street Tacos. But good gravy, do they do them well!

As you can see, their menu isn't super expansive, but to me, that means each taco or bowl is going to have way more oomph than any menu out there with 30+ items on the board. I dove in with two orders of the al pastor de trompo and one order of campachana tacos BUT I also got to try out a bite of the spicy ahi poke. Each taco comes in at a $1.84 before tax, and bowls are $12 for a small and $15 for a medium.

Pictured are front to back: Al pastor tacos and the campachano taco (I forgot to ask for no onions because everything smelled so good I got lightheaded and then immediately got distracted by queso).

...Speaking of queso and it's wonderful deliciousness, B&T's queso is definitely better than some of the more well known places in Dallas (lookin' at you, white 'cheese dip' that nobody has time for). And their side bags with big ol tortilla chips won't leave you scraping the bottom of the bag to finish because you'll run out of queso before you run out of chips. Bonus that not a single one was stale!

On to the Spicy ahi tuna poke bowl - I didn't order this, but after taking a bigger-than-I-should-have bite of my friends food, let me tell you, it was SO GOOD. Everything tasted so fresh, and the flavor was crazy delicious. I had to stop myself from getting another bite by convincing myself I'd go back soon and get my own to scarf down.

Delicious ingredients include: Ahi tuna, crab salad, jalapeno, carrot, red bell, grilled corn, avocado,sweet onion, ginger soy, shoyu chili oil, cilantro, togarashi, sriracha

- Side note: I didn't get a photo in time because my friend started eating already, and then I took a bite because I have zero self control, but here's a photo after the carnage started.

Overall, I love this place, hands down a definite return spot for tacos and my newfound love of poke bowls. The price (and queso) is better than other taco joints out there in Dallas, but it's also the people running this place that makes the difference (Shout out to Jessica at the front for having patience with our group when we couldn't nail down our orders AND for her sauce recommendations)! So hurry up and get your butt over there, if you see me, definitely say hi, but I'll probably be too busy stuffing my face to see you (apologies in advance).

***As always, I am not affiliated with Bowls & Tacos, I paid for everything above, except for the bowl I mooched off of, and all of these thoughts and food descriptions are my own (but I did pull the poke bowl ingredients off their website for accuracy).

Bowls & Tacos Facebook is here

Bowls & Tacos Instagram is here

Bowls & Tacos Website is here

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