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Food Product Review: The Good Table Freezer to Plate - Teriyaki

I'm a sucker for easier ways to get my cooking done if I've had a beat down of a day, but 9/10 times I will still cook over getting takeout or delivery (unless it really was just one of those days...and I just got paid the day before. Maybe.).

Lucky for me that I cut out a coupon some months back at the same time Kroger* had a big sale, so I bought up The Good Table Freezer to Plate Teriyaki*, baked it up, and forced one of my friends to try it out with me....Truthfully, I bombed my first try (I messed it up somewhere along the line, I blame myself 100%) and we ended up eating pizza. But as fate would have it, coupon and sales merged again and here we are, my second try, and because my family was also eating it (and the potential of accidentally poisoning someone), I paid attention to the directions EXACTLY, and voila, it came out perfectly, second crisis averted!

What's so great about The Good Table Freezer to Plate* series is that it forgives you if you're an idiot and forget to take the chicken out of the freezer because you can use frozen chicken in your dish!! Does it get more convenient?! All four options — Teriyaki, Marsala, Southwestern, and Lemon Garlic Herb — can be used with frozen or thawed chicken, and all of your other ingredients (aside from salt, pepper, and oil to coat your baking dish) are included, so zero hassle for you and me.

* This post is in no way sponsored by Kroger or the The Good Table brands, I just like their products (especially when I have coupons). All thoughts are my own, and I used my own money for this product review.


- Salt and pepper

- Cooking oil of choice

- Frozen (or thawed) chicken; I used 4 frozen chicken breasts for mine

- Everything else you need is included


1. Open your box (duh), follow the instructions on the back, read them carefully, place in the over according to time, and you're done!

Photos below are just a visual in case you need help on how things should look:

Water and rice combination

Adding your frozen chicken (it should have only been three pieces, but I wedged that last one in there)

Squeeze out your teriyaki sauce (I would suggest spreading it out more evenly so everything gets nice and coated, unlike mine)

After spending 40 - 50 minutes in the oven, boom, you're done! Here's shots of it straight out of the over and cut up for the pretty picture, but I can't take photos to save my life, so it's a little darker in one corner. Whoops).

Ta-daaaaa, you officially have a plate of food! I served mine with grilled garlic and lemon shrimp from my previous post, and some grilled creole corn that I managed not to burn.

Hopefully you enjoy trying this meal kit out as much as I did, and as always, all of the above thoughts are my own, I did not get anything complimentary, and I cut my own dang coupons and paid for it myself.

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