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Explore Dallas: Bastille Day 7/14 at Whisk and Bastille on Bishop

I love food, it's a fact. I would eat cheese, bread, and meat to my hearts content until I passed out, if my stomach and waistband would let me.

Friday is one such day when I will let my food freak flag fly and hit up two of these Bastille Day celebrations that I am in no way associated with, I just love any excuse to eat cheese, bread, and also engage with my other true love, red wine (you say booze, I say wine = grapes = fruit = fruit salad for dinner).

Whisk Crepes

1888 Sylvan Ave, Dallas, Texas 75208

Time: 8AM - 10PM

Pulled straight from the Whisk Crepes Cafe Bastille Day event page:

"Come and visit us all day on 7/14 to celebrate Bastille Day AKA France National Day (also known as the day on which people yelled "Let them eat crepes!") French wine by the glass, as well as mimosas, will be $3, French Champagne by the glass $10. We will have a couple of very special crepes for this day and will play French tunes."

Hands down, Whisk Crepes is one of those restaurants where I get something different every time I go, and yet I still leave with my pants too tight and a sleepy smile on my face because whatever it was that I ate was delicious. Their menu is pretty standard for crepe concoctions, but they also have speciality crepes that will knock your socks off as well.

Pro tip: I can usually knock out a French ham, gruyere, and egg omelette by myself, but if you're going for dessert after, (because why not on a French holiday) you're better off sharing with a friend.

Bishop Arts District

Time: 6PM - 11PM

This year marks the 8th annual Bastille on Bishop celebration in Bishop Arts District, and this will be my first year to get in on the action, so I'm even more excited!

Pulled from the website:

Enjoy a magical evening with entertainment, food, wine, petanque (it's a lawn game, I had to Google it), and wonderful people as we celebrate the beautiful country of France and their traditions.

The event itself is free, but if you want to get down on any booze, you will have to purchase a $25 ticket in advance. Ticket price includes a souvenir wine glass and two tokens you can use on food or a pour of wine. Additional refills of wine can be purchased on site for $6, and food prices are also in the $6 range. There's also a VIP experience, but your girl's on a budget, so I'm not even clicking on that link.


Whether you go to either one of these events, or just hangout on the sidelines with some spray cheese and $5 wine and call it a celebration, get some culture in your life (and stomach) and get out there for Bastille Day!

***Again, I'm not affiliated with Whisk or Go Oak Cliff, I just like to go to Dallas events and stuff my face.

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