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Explore Dallas: Crepes on Crepes at Whisk Bastille Day!

Flash back to my post the other day announcing Bastille Day at Whisk Crepes when I was jonesing for some delightfully belly busting French food. With a zip and a boom, ta-daaaa, it's here!

"Fluctuat nec Mergitur" meaning 'Tossed but not sunk"

Myself and two coworkers moseyed on over to Whisk for a late lunch-turned-dessert-party to hang out with the rest of the Dallas crepe fiends, and turns out we had juuuuust missed the rush of crepe crazies (super happy about that to be honest, since by that point I was a little hangry and ready to stuff my face).

Courtesy of French Owner/Chef Julien, we dived into trying out my mainstay savory crepe 'gruyere with ham', and two sweet crepes 'cookies and cream' and the special for Bastille celebrations 'Apples with ice cream, and caramel'. Holy.Butts. All three were delicious, my belly is full of tasty goodness, and my pants are cutting a groove into my gut. All is right in the world. Check out below for a close up of the festivities!

Chef Julien rocking his subtle tribute to France. Can hardly tell...

Now to the good stuff: Crepes on Crepes on Crepes

Le menu (or as we Americans say, the menu)

First up, the Cookies & Cream:

This crepe right here was a mind boggling but lovely mix of decadent and light (zero sense, I know). I only had one bite of this for fear of getting stabbed with a fork, but it was delicious! Chocolatey flavor was so good, I almost risk a stabbing for a second bite. Almost.

Second, the Bastille Day special of Apples, vanilla bean ice cream, caramel, toasted sesame.

* That second photo was definitely the face of 'Yes, it's delicious. No, you cannot have another bite.'

These flavors were out of this world tasty without being overly sweet, thanks in part to the tartness of the apple and cold from the ice cream. All in all a win situation with my tastebuds.

Last up, my go-to crepe, the French ham, gruyere, scrambled eggs, crème fraîche, chives, greens crepe (you bet your butt all that stuff fit in there, aside from the greens that sit on top).

I never really know how to describe this crepe aside from 'get your own, because I'm gonna eat all of it.' The eggs are creamy, the ham is wonderfully slightly salty, and the greens are a perfect sidekick to round everything out. 10 outta 10 recommend you get this in your belly, STAT.

Whisk's celebration is open until 10pm tonight, but if you're not able to make it, then come out any other day of the week they're open to get this French-y goodness in your face.

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