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Dallas Fitness Alert: My pants don't fit.

I've only ever been this worn out once in my life (Spartan Race. Never again), all because of a dance class and pilates. Am I exaggerating? Probably. Was it really that challenging? Definitely. If you're looking to get your butt in gear, toned out the wazoo, and meet some great people who are ugly sweating just as much as you are, I highly recommend heading out to meet Brit and her team at Grit Fitness - locations in Dallas Design District and off SMU Blvd, and the built tough team at Session Pilates, off N Fitzhugh Ave.

First up, thanks to my girl gang at CSF, I was able to try out Grit's Dance Burn class and GOOD GRAVY am I sore today (two days later). But in a good way. You know that whole "I can't sit down on the toilet right without using the handicap stall" kind of sore that lets you know you got a killer workout in (judge all you want, but those days happen, and not just to me - haters). Dance burn has multi levels of awesome throughout the 1 hour block, including actual dance moves, stretch band workouts, ankle weights, abs on a yoga mat, body weight, and even more stuff I'm forgetting! For a more accurate description, see here's their description pulled from the website:

DANCE BURN // CARDIO + TONING A new-school take on old-school aerobics. High-intensity dance cardio gets your blood pumping with all original choreography and toning sections with resistance props and body weight. Sweat and sculpt with this energetic, total-body workout. Sneakers required; 50 minutes

I've only experienced their Dance Burn class so far, but with 11 different workout classes to chose from - including cycling and kickboxing - I for sure know that I'll be back to keep on keepin' on my journey to get a better, healthier me.

Working out with bands, photo courtesy of Circle Seven Five

CSF girl gang post butt kicking workout

Shoutout to my accountability buddy, whom without our handshake deals I would never go to workout.

Next up is Session Pilates, also courtesy of CSF (if you haven't checked out their website/Insta/stalked them from the bushes, what are you waiting for?)

CSF Girl Gang #obSESSION

Now to be honest, I have never done pilates in my life, and those machines they use look hella intimidating. But I survived the full 50 minutes (and didn't puke)!

Hella intimidating Allegro 2 reformer machines. Trust me, these are awesome and scary at the same time.

Our instructor, Brittany, no joke, has a a voice that will make you believe you can do all the crazy acrobat stuff she wants you to do on the Allegro 2 reformer machines. Whether it's doing abs, one legged lunges, or squats with on foot on the solid part of the machine, and one foot on the slide-y cushion section (terrifying, highly recommend).

Here's that terrifying squat section I've been going on about.

I went in thinking that I wasn't going to break a sweat and it was going to be way easier than my regular workouts, but when you're doing a plank with your feet on a moving object, tightening the hell outta your core so you don't fall over, AND you have the shakes, that was when I knew I'd stuck my foot in my mouth. And my body is grateful for it, because I absolutely can't wait for the next one. They also have an advanced class, but I am faaaaaaaaar from being in enough shape for that.

My girl gang of workout CSF buddies

To give you guys some insight, I've never been a set weight my entire life - my weight goes up and down constantly depending on where I am in my life. I lost 25 pounds right before college graduation, gained it all back again in 6 months, and then lost it all over again only a year later. Now I'm back to a fluffier version of myself (and there's nothing wrong with that, I just don't want to buy more pants) and it's time for a change. It won't be overnight, or even in two months, but with consistency and great people to workout with and keep me accountable, I'll hopefully see you by mid fall (cross your fingers, light some candles) as a healthier, positive sunshine-y Stacia* :)

*Don't worry y'all, this is not a weight loss blog now, I just love that I was able to get a legit, awesome workout in that busted my butt and made me feel that great "I can do anything" kind of feeling.

If you'd like to get more information on Grit Fitness and Session Pilates, here's some of their socials to get your stalk on:

Grit Fitness:

Session Pilates:

And for your viewing pleasure, here's some videos of me acting like a dummy post workout at Grit Fitness because I love their workout wall with larger than life women just gettin' it!

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