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Explore Las Vegas: Will I Need Bail Money?

Readers (except for mom, get outta here), I need your help today. By this time next week I'll be in Las Vegas for the very first time, and I know jack about what I should do, where I should eat (all the food, obviously), and if there is anything I absolutely cannot miss.

I'm going with my mom and grandmother, so no Thunder From Down Under suggestions (or do suggest them and I'll try to go anyway). 12 year old me has already tried getting tickets to Britney Spears, but that may also be another dream that isn't happening anytime soon. Bummer.

So if you have any suggestions, thoughts, opinions, or are in the know about something cool happening between August 6th -9th, let me know! I have literally nothing on my itinerary right now, except for potentially losing all of my money on slots and roulette, and seeing the dancing fountains at the Bellagio.

Hit me up!!

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