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Amazon Cool Finds: Sunnies and The Light of Shame

I swear, this may actually be a cooler segment in the future, I just only ordered two things this time around (and one of them is super awesome).

*I am in no way affiliated with Bing, Microsoft, or Amazon. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I just like free stuff and like to help other people get free stuff (legally).

Free stuff is awesome. Free stuff is even awesomer (not a word, but let's pretend it is) when it goes with free two-day shipping via Amazon Prime* (that I borrow from time to time from a friend. She knows, it's kosher). How do I get these free things off Amazon Prime*, you ask? BOOM, Pro Tip coming atcha:

Pro Tip: Sign up for rewards* (I'll get more into the weeds with this in a second) It's easy!

I use via Microsoft* to earn points to use towards gift cards. Yes, I still use Google for my everyday searches, but I have made it a habit to check Bing everyday to get my daily news, take small quizzes, or look at the photo of the day to gather points.

Even better for you if you sign up today, because when I first started doing this, there were only a few options to redeem your points, but now you can chose from options like Sephora, Chipotle, AMC movie cards, or donate to non profit organizations!

Some of the reward selections available

On to the free goods!

With every 5,250 points you get from Bing rewards, you get a $5 gift card towards Amazon. 15,000 and some change later, boom, you have $15 dollars worth of gift cards (depending on how active you are on Bing, this can take as little as 3 weeks or as much as 2 months. Don't get discouraged, you are literally getting free currency to use on things you want or need (you can legit buy toilet paper on Amazon, and unless you have a bidet, you need that. And can buy it with Bing points!)

This round, I had $20 to throw around, so after careful (lol yeah right) consideration, I realized

Let there be light!

Light in Action, pretty sure it was on the 2nd brightness setting

1. I need a camera light so I can stop giving y'all such crappy, potato photos. This Selfie Ring Light from Auxiwa has been the savior of some make up reviewers (according to the review comments), but instead of looking at my ugly mug in movie starlet brightness, I'll be using it in dark restaurants and in my yellow-ish apartment lighting to make my photos look less "stalker in the bushes" and more "she has a full camera rig with her!"


- Turns out this thing is rechargeable with a USB hookup

- It has 3 brightness settings (be careful with the last one, I accidentally temporarily blinded a coworker. Whoops)

Cons: (I've only had this for less than 3 hours, so working with off the bat looks)

- It clips onto your phone, but if you have a thicker phone case, you run the risk of either breaking the clip part or having to take your case off.

- Charging cable is pretty short. The photo looks like the rest of the cable is hiding under the light. Nope. It's not.

- If you wear glasses and are going to actually use this for selfies, the selfie ring of shame is gonna show up in the lens. Potential work around: my coworker just lifted the ring up higher than her glasses instead of eye level.

Get that light outta my face!

Check out that gradient action on the lenses

2. I'm going to Vegas. The sun is also going to be in Vegas. The sun will melt your eyeballs if you stare at it for too long. Instead of taking my expensive Christmas Present sunglasses (because I will be clumsy, drinking, or both) I realized I needed to take a pair that actually look good on, but are also cheap enough that I won't bum out if I lose or break them.

Ta-daaaa, here comes the not sun (sorry, Beatles). These sunnies have a gradient gray lens on a black frame - don't worry, there are other options available if gray isn't your style - from Altec Vision via Amazon.

I can give you a pro/con list on these because so far, I HAVE FOUND ZERO CONS (this may change after testing them out for 4 days, I'll post an update if they turn out to be duds).

- They're super lightweight

- All of their reviews on Amazon are positive for price and quality

- Great variety of lenses and the option of having a polarized lens (more expensive, so I didn't go for that option)

- 100% UV protection

This photo was taken using a mixture of natural light and my new selfie ring

Overall, I'm completely happy (so far) with these FREE purchases from Amazon, and if I still haven't convinced you to sign up for rewards on* here's another reason I'm all about it - in the months leading up to Christmas I saved up my points to be able to get $40 worth of Amazon cards. I knocked out three different Christmas presents off my list and didn't pay a dime. Totally worth it to not get myself further into Christmas debt (I love giving presents, so sue me).

*I am in no way affiliated with Bing, Microsoft, or Amazon. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I just like free stuff and like to help other people get free stuff (legally).

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