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Las Vegas Food Deal Alert: I walked 28 minutes in the Vegas heat because I'm stupid.

Texas heat in the dead of summer is brutal. We have humidity, zero wind some days, and for some reason I like to wear pants when it's 98 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Cut to's a whole other kind of animal. It's a dry heat out there, with the helpful bonus of some wind, but when you, your mom, and your 79 year old grandma are trekking it from The Strip to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino* on a 28minute distance, things get rough. Learn from my mistakes, get a Lyft or drive your own car - your feet and internal temperate will thank you. And the people sitting near you in the casino, because unless you have some voodoo magic deodorant going on, you're gonna smell weird (no shame).

Why did we trek in the dead heat for all that? What glorious deal was at the end of this hellfire-y rainbow? The off-the-menu 'Gambler's Special' at Mr. Lucky's for $7.77.

* This post is not sponsored by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, I just like a great deal. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Here's the low down on why this special was so worth making your way off The Strip and over to the Hard Rock: food in Las Vegas is not cheap. I don't care how many coupons you have, that's how it is. On our first night in the food court at the Flamingo for example: two burgers, fries, and drinks ended up setting my mom and I back THIRTY. DOLLARS. For burgers. Crazy talk. That doesn't even include what my grandma ordered!

Quick Story: In the early 2000's I had a weird obsession with Rachel Ray and her $40 Dollars A Day Food Network show that hasn't been on TV for years. I have the book chronicling all of the places she hit up for cheap eats all over the US and some of Europe - Vegas being one of those places. And The Gambler's Special was one of the deals she mentions, but didn't get to try. So that means this special has been around for a good long while. Considering Vegas gets a facelift every year or so, this is a big deal!

May I present, Mr. Lucky's and the Gambler's Special**:

** You will have to get a players card from the Casino to be able to get this deal, and you will have to say "The Gambler's Special" when ordering since it is off the menu, and a drink purchase is required (go for a coke or a spite to keep costs down).

Front of the menu action

Back of the menu with all the goods, but notice the Gambler's Special is not listed...good thing I told you already that you have to ask for it!

I didn't actually order these, but they looked really good so you should order one for me and let me know how it is - The Caramel Crunch looks particularly tasty.

Now, for a third time, you will have to ask for the Gambler's Special, it is not on the menu. You will also have to have a players card and order a drink (non-alcoholic works fine) to be able to get this deal.

Let's get to the good stuff.

I like my steak more alive than dead, so that red sauce goodness up in the right corner probably won't be on your plate.

These shrimps were soooo gooooood. I ate these so fast the crunchy tails almost went down with the meat.

Shot of the actual steak without the shrimp on top so you can see the size*

*I know this weird view looks like you got the rinky dink steak no one else wanted, but straight up, I had a bit of a struggle finishing my food, and we all know your girl can chow down when I need to. It was so good, even my mom and grandma, who usually don't eat all of their food, had clean plates at the end because they enjoyed it so much!

Shot of me about to go ham on my food, with my choice of a refreshing Budweiser to help me out after wandering around in the desert.

Overall, I would absolutely drive in a car to go stuff my face here again with the Gambler's Special. This was my meal to pony up on and for three people, not including tip, I spent around $33 dollars! So for the same amount of money we got surf and turf with veggies instead of mediocre burgers. Boom, you're welcome.

Not to mention, the actual hotel and casino itself was probably one of my favorites - it was just my kind of vibe. I loved the music they were jamming out to, the slots were playing well, and they had SPICE GIRL SHOES ON THE WALL!

9 year old me would have straight cut someone to be able to have these shoes and stomp around my room in them. I might have broken my neck, but I would have looked fabulous doing it.

Dolly Parton, watching over the entrance to the restroom in all her bosom-y glory.

Me trying to get a shot with Prince, but you can't even see his face. Massive. Fail.

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