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TBT Dallas Food Alert: Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Shake Shack

Shake Shack has been on my favorites list since my go-to beloved Texas orange and white chain took my favorite A1 thick and hearty burger off the menu (you know who you are, buttheads).

This is a throwback to when the Uptown Dallas Shake Shack* first rolled out their Spicy Chicken Sandwich on August 1st and I bullied my coworkers into going to try it...but I completely forgot to post about it (whoops), so I'm doing it now - better late than never!

* Their online menu doesn't have the chicken listed, but they have it, I have photos, and it's definitely real!

Batter up (Get it, because it's fried chicken? I'm funny, damnit.)

My full order, in all its deep fried and full fat glory (I'll workout tomorrow (or not), it's whatever).

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of coleslaw - I only started really eating it a few years back. But not wanting to compromise the original version that Shack Shack wanted this sandwich in, I left it on there. All of it. Mistakes were made.

Pro tip: Take at least some of it off, not because of it being over powering, but because you're gonna have a mess on your hands and pants by the end of this sandwich.

Close up of the coleslaw. It didn't have an overly vinegar-y flavor, and it was actually pretty okay tasting, just super messy.

For some weird reason I've gotten on a spicy kick for the past year or so, and this sandwich was right up my alley. It could even give Chick-Fil-A's Spicy chicken sandwich a run for its money (yeah, I said it), and you can get it on Sunday's!

This bird was a wee bit spicy for me, even with the cool down coleslaw, but not to where my mouth was on fire, so you'll be good if your tastebuds can only handle the lower end of the Scoville scale (or you're a weenie, like me).

Shake your groove thing!

In an effort to make the numb feeling on my tongue go away, I also had the presence of mind to order the dulce de leche shake*

* Also not on their menu online. This shake may just be a seasonal thing, but it's still August, so go get yours before it's gone!

Holy. Butts. this thing was so freaking good. I'm a cinnamon lover though, so if you don't love all things wonderful in the fall, you're not going to like this. So sad for you (but it's cool, they have other great shakes and concretes - sounds weird, but they're flippin delicious). It's also great for dipping your fries in if you're awesome like me and do that with your frosties at that other joint we won't mention.

Overall, aside from the messy eating due to the coleslaw and the 30 napkins I used to clean it up, I really enjoyed trying out this spicy chicken sandwich. It was something new, and considering Shake Shack is known for their burgers, it's surprising that they were able to pull this off so successfully. And obviously I loved the dulce de leche shake because there are zero after photos of the carnage.

If you're down to try out a new option to fill those Sunday hunger pangs for a delicious chicken sandwich, you should absolutely give this one a shot. It'll be a spicier experience compared to what you're used to, but hey, you're eating it on a Sunday. Be grateful!

* I am in no way affiliated, sponsored, etc. with Shake Shack, I just happened to find out that they were coming out with a spicy chicken sandwich right before lunch and wanted to go. I paid for my own stuff, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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