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Explore DFW: Heath Ledger, Leo Dicaprio, and a Bunch of Grapes.

Fall is upon us, folks, and with that comes weather that makes it pleasant enough to be outside, but not so hot that you want to sweat your skin off (enjoy that lovely visual).

Here's a list of some events going on today, tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend that are ALL OUTSIDE, so get out of grandmas basement and go experience Dallas...and Grapevine (shut it, it's not that far, you'll live).

First up: A showing of 10 things I Hate About You FO FREE at Griggs Park at 8PM TONIGHT!

Future and past movie showtimes for every Wednesday in September

You can't say no to that face!

Annnnnd you get complimentary popcorn! So, bring your blankets, chairs, (leashed) dogs, and get ready to unabashedly stare at the beauty that was Health Ledger.

Next up: 'Til Midnight at the Nasher Sculpture Center: Preshow opener, concert, and Catch Me If You Can ALSO FO FREE tomorrow, Friday 9/15 starting at 6PM.

Yes, I've used this photo before, but I don't care because I love it and I'll probably take an exact copy when I'm there tomorrow night.

I've talked about my love of the Nasher and their 'Til midnight events before, but now I'm even more excited about them because I won't sweat to death in the God-forsaken heat this time around!

Pro tip: As much as you may want to sit closer to the stage for the concert DON'T DO IT, figure out where the blow-up screen is, and sit closer to there so you can get a good view. Also, if people won't pipe down during the movie, don't punch them in the face. You may want to, but suppress that urge. Go get a popsicle or something.

Bring your picnic blankets and your friends, but unfortunately, dogs and outside food/drinks are not allowed. They do have street tacos, candy, elotes (not worth it), non-alcoholic drinks, and booze outside for purchase - and free ice water stations. If we're really lucky, Steel City Pops may even stop by again!

And it's Leo, come on. Don't kid yourself.

Last up: 31st Annual GRAPEFEST!! Starting today, 9/14 - Sunday 9/17

I have zero photos of me in front of the actual Grapefest entrance (just a bunch of wino shots), but here's a picture of my mom. We look creepily alike, so it's kind of the same thing!

Y'all don't even know how much I enjoy Grapefest, second only to Main Street Days. I basically grew up in Grapevine (sorry, Euless) and my love for the weird little shindigs that happen every year on historic Main Street only gets better and better each time I go.

Even though this event is all about wine, especially celebrating Texas wine, this is absolutely a family friendly event. There's even a GrapeStomp you can challenge each other at, KidsWorld for your children to run wild, and live entertainment going on at multiple stages for all your dancing needs.

Unfortunately, this is not a free event, but ticket and additional information can be found through Grapefests facebook event page here.

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be able to hit all three of these events this week, so if you see me, say hi! I'm not as much of a weirdo as my writing makes me out to be. :)

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